(1) What is the battery life on Zap Percussion Therapy Massage Gun?

From a full charge, our Zap Percussion Therapy Massage Gun can range between two to four hours of use, depending on the power level that is used. From a dead battery, its takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to fully charge. We recommend plugging your unit in every other night or after every 4 uses. 

(2) What is the stall force on Zap Percussion Therapy Massage Gun?

At medium to high levels, our massage guns can withstand 40-45 pounds of stall force. This allows the user to dig deep in to areas of the body that are causing trouble without the worry of interrupting the percussive motor. A quality, quiet motor that you can trust. 

(3) What is included with my Zap Massage Gun?

All ZMT percussion massagers come with the following - Percussion Massage Gun, Round-head attachment, Bullet attachment, Pronged Tip attachment, Flathead attachment, a standard wall outlet power charger, instruction manual and travel box.

(4) What are the main differences between the Z1 model and the ZMT Mini Massagers? 

Both massagers fill a similar purpose, however, the full sized Z1 model comes with 20 speeds compared to the mini massagers that include 5 speed settings. In addition, the Z1 massage guns delivers a deeper, percussive massage where as the mini massagers can be better described as vibrational therapy. Lastly, mini massagers are controlled by a single power button and the Z1 is controlled by a LED touch screen. 

(5) Is there warranty included on Zap Massage Gun's? 

All Zap Massage guns come with a 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee upon purchase. Have any issues with your massage gun? Send us an email describing your issue, include a picture and we'll do the rest. We want to ensure all of our ZMT customers are supported through their recovery journey's. 

(6) I live outside of Canada, what is the international shipping policy? 

On all orders within Canada and certain spots in the USA, we offer free standard shipping on all orders over $100.00 CAD. However, in more secluded areas within North America and beyond, we charge a shipping fee that is dependent on the location. We work closely with Canada Post and UPS to ensure the quickest and cheapest options to get our products to you.